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Our training courses combine theory and practice and adapt to your level, from beginner to expert! We will teach you how to use the tools and familiarize yourself with their daily use. We can also deepen your knowledge and improve you on a particular tool.

Google Workspace - Business collaboration


Understand Google Workspace and its applications (Apps):

  • Discovery of Google Workspace applications (Gmail, Calendar, Drive …) and their main functionalities,
  • Mobility and synchronization of applications,
  • Sharing and securing content and data …

Work in collaborative mode with Google Drive:

  • Comparison of office software with online applications,
  • Creation, editing and sharing of documents (spreadsheets, presentations, forms …),
  • Organization and definition of access rights

Training 1 - Google Workspace collaborative work tools

Content: Google Workspace Discovery and / or Advanced
Duration of the training: Discovery: 0.5 to 1 day depending on needs / Advanced: 1 to 3 days
Number of participants: Max 15-20 per session
Number of facilitators: 2 facilitators (1 expert and 1 junior)

We discuss how to get started with and deepen the Google Workspace tools of your choice:

  • GMail
  • Drive
  • Doc
  • Slides
  • Sheets
  • Agenda
  • Hangout/Meet
  • Sites
  • Form
  • MyMaps

Training 2 - Deepen your knowledge and master Google Sheets

Content: Google Sheets
Duration of training: 1 day
Number of participants: Max 15-20 per session
Number of facilitators: 2 facilitators (1 expert and 1 junior)
GSheets features to choose from according to the levels:
  • Google Sheets VS Excel
  • Creation, modification, formatting of a table
  • Populate a table from GForm forms
  • Creation of a consolidation table of different tables (Import Range)
  • Queries within an array (Query / importRange function)
  • Simple pivot tables or with calculated field
  • Importing data from a csv file … (Importdata function)
"As CFO, leading a team on a variety of complex subjects makes the way of exchanging information particularly strategic. IT4LIFE's action on this aspect, such as on securing and implementing place of collaborative tools, had an unprecedented impact: it was like receiving a glass of water while we were in the desert."
Mathieu DUFOUR
Former administrative and financial director of ALIMA & Member of the Committed IT4LIFE Committee