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Our services

IT4LIFE offers digital solutions adapted to the needs of actors in the social and solidarity economy. We see technology as a means and not as an end and our principle is not to reinvent the wheel.

Management solutions

An ERP adapted to your needs: complete, collaborative, secure management applications, accessible anywhere and anytime.

IT4life chose Odoo

We are partners of Odoo, an Open Source management solution offering a series of applications covering the majority of an organization’s needs: CRM (customer relationship), accounting, invoicing, inventory management, HR management and much more. other.

The advantages Odoo

  • Simple and flexible: Benefit from a configurable solution that caters to all business sizes.
  • Connected: Choose a collaborative solution, connected in real time to your ecosystem.
  • Secure: Have a secure solution available all the time, with high reliability, with secure processes.
IT4LIFE develops specific modules adapted to the needs of NGOs, social enterprises and associations: management of donors and members, management of donations and supporting documents, donor loyalty, reporting and monitoring of contracts for donors (deadline, budget allocation … )

Examples of projects

MIYA (Senegalese company working for better access to drinking water)

Implementation of Accounting, Inventory, Direct & indirect points of sale modules.

API AFRIQUE (Senegalese company of reusable hygiene products)

Implementation of Accounting, Inventory, Direct & indirect points of sale modules.

ALIMA (medical humanitarian NGO)

Implementation of Accounting, Project Management, Timesheets, Donor CRM & Donor Space modules ...

Mise en place d'outils de travail collaboratif

Google Workspace is a set of professional tools that meet the needs of organizations for office automation, collaboration, storage and security. No installation is necessary, which is a real revolution. Collaborative work tools make it possible to meet the needs of organizations

IT4life chose Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a complete range of tools so that users can communicate (messaging, chat, video), create (office, websites, surveys), access data anywhere, anytime and on all types of mobile devices or even offline in a transparent and above all collaborative way. This solution is perfectly compatible with your Microsoft Office documents

Some advantages of Google Workspace

  • Communicate more effectively: Stay in touch with your teams with a personalized domain with an unlimited number of email addresses via Gmail.
  • Collaborate wherever you are: Make sure everyone stays informed in real time with Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slide: creation and modification of proposals, meeting agendas, minutes, dashboards, pivot tables, presentations with your own templates and more.
  • Protect your data at all times: With 30 GB of secure and encrypted storage space per user on Gmail and Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides files are accessible anywhere, anytime and unlimited.

Examples of projects

DKT (medical NGO)

Administration of the GSuite domain, Organization of the Drive, User training in GSuite tools

ALIMA (medical humanitarian NGO)

Administration and support for 800 users in 10 countries

Web and Mobile Development

We develop web platforms and mobile applications adapted to your needs (tools, design, functionalities, UX / UI design). Thanks to the technical skills available to our team, we can also do specific tailor-made development. Finally, we design showcase or merchant websites that are dynamic, intuitive and responsive design.

The technologies used

Languages ​​mastered: : Python, Java, NodeJs, XML, Javascript, HTML/CSS…
Used tools: WordPress, Drupal, Android, Ionic, Angular…

Examples of projects

DKT (medical NGO)

Creation and deployment of a mobile application in 5 countries to monitor the distribution of contraceptive kits (standard Odoo CRM module, offline mobile application, GIS, reporting in Python ...)

AfSBT (African Society of Blood Transfusion)

Development of a web platform integrating various payment solutions (VISA, mobile money, Mastercard) as part of the annual forum on blood transfusion

HOPE (Digital platform)

Web and mobile application for developing blood donation

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Digital finance solutions

We are implementing digital finance solutions, particularly with microfinance players looking to improve their efficiency and extend their reach.

The solutions we offer

  • Digital finance: BI / Big data, BDD, API and integration, BPM, EPM, Data mining, Corporate accounting
  • CBS: IT4LIFE is the francophone partner of Musoni CBS, a cloud banking software for microfinance.
The advantages of Musoni CBS: Cloud-based, Integration with mobile payment services, Loan management application on tablet, SMS module …

Examples of projects

ACEP Madagascar (Microfinance Institution)

Implementation of a data warehouse on BigQuery and dashboards with Google data studio, an API Manager with WSO2, a scoring for the automatic renewal of loan requests

ACEP Senegal (Microfinance Institution)

Implementation of a datawarehouse on BigQuery and dashboards with Google data studio.

ICT4D : Solutions of data collection and analysis

What we offer

  • Information system consulting: Consulting, design, implementation, needs analysis, modeling of organizational data flows, definition of indicators …
  • Data collection: Web and mobile data collection solutions (online / offline)
  • Data visualization: Design and development of data dashboards
  • Training: Training in the main data collection tools

Nos solutions

  • DHIS 2 is a health management information system that helps governments and health organizations more effectively manage their operations and surveillance processes as well as improve communication between stakeholders.
  • CommCare is an open source mobile platform designed for data collection, customer management, decision support and behavior change communication.
  • Many other technologies: KoboToolbox, OpenMRS, Google Data Studio, Power BI …

Examples of projects

ALIMA (medical humanitarian NGO)

DHIS2 deployment in Nigeria, EBOLA case monitoring in DRC (CommCare), EBOLA vaccine trial monitoring in Guinea with biometric authentication module (CommCare)

Terre des Hommes / DIMAGI / Burkina Faso Ministry of Health

Migration of the IEDA application from the cloud to 34 physical servers in the DATACENTER of the Ministry of Health

Senegal eSanté community

Animation of the community which brings together about fifty medical organizations


We offer you a global or partial outsourcing service adapted to your needs, the size of your organization and the skills available within your structure. Our team responds to all your issues, whether it is simply to lighten your IT department, ensure the proper functioning and / or improvement of an application (application outsourcing) or entrust us with the entire management of your IT system. information.

We provide you with:

  • Maintaining your infrastructure in operational conditions
  • Advice on optimization and security
  • Permanent support in the evolution of your information system

Our offer includes

Our expertise is at your disposal to help you optimize the use of your information systems and IT services.

Our offer includes:

  • Strategic and functional analysis of your IS
  • System and network administration, on site and remotely
  • Setting up and configuring your Windows and Linux servers
  • Managing your workstations
  • Support and incident management
  • Expert advice on the optimization and evolution of your IS
  • Managing your IT security strategy

Exemples of projects

DKT (medical NGO)

Technical maintenance, Finding suppliers, Support for the working environment, Consulting on IT strategy and change management, Training

Médecins Sans Frontières (medical humanitarian NGO)

Support from the Senegal regional office and IT advice for the 3 MSF entities Spain, Switzerland and France, Cabling of the building and commissioning of internet connections, Reporting with headquarters, IT support for the implementation of events such as Pediatric Days