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DKT International

DKT International is an American medical NGO working for the prevention of HIV and the implementation of family planning in developing countries.

Support the digital transformation

After a first digital project to develop an application for monitoring the distribution of contraceptive kits, the Senegalese office of DKT International called on IT4LIFE to be supported on the development of GSuite and on daily IT support.

Our field of intervention

Web & mobile application for monitoring the distribution of contraceptive kits

IT4LIFE created and deployed a web and mobile application in 5 countries to monitor the distribution of contraceptive kits, based on the Odoo CRM module. Before IT4LIFE’s intervention, the DKT International team used paper forms to collect data and sent SMS to communicate with officials based in different countries. It was very difficult to follow the vendor contracts and the field teams spent a week per month entering the paper data electronically.
From the standard Odoo CRM module, a mobile application available offline was developed, a geolocation module and a reporting option were added. The application has been deployed in 5 countries for all stakeholders (headquarters, sales, health centers, pharmacies, medical) and more than 250 people have been trained in its proper use.

The solution implemented made it possible to optimize work and save a lot of time thanks to the centralization of all customers, the planning of salespeople’s activities, the improvement of sales and inventory monitoring, and the possibility to have detailed reports on all activities.

HR management

IT4LIFE also supported DKT International in setting up Odoo HR modules.
HR teams DKT International used to use Sage for payroll and Excel for all admin & HR matters.

The implementation of the Employees, Leave, Evaluation, Expense reports and Recruitment modules have made it possible to improve the HR management of all staff, both at headquarters and for field teams. The advantages mainly cited by the HR teams were the ease of handling by the users, the better visualization of the data thanks to the dashboards (number of contracts per country, information on employees) and the saving of time in administrative management.

Deployment of GSuite and outsourcing

The Senegal office of DKT International did not have a real IT department and asked IT4LIFE for full support on the deployment of collaborative work tools and daily IT support.
IT4LIFE now manages all IT aspects of the organization: technical maintenance, sourcing of suppliers, support for the work environment, advice on IT strategy and change management. Regarding collaborative work tools, IT4LIFE has deployed GSuite for all employees and takes care of the administration of the GSuite domain, the organization of Drive and user training.

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