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Accounting and financial management

Automate your accounting and optimize the financial management of your business. You can record your accounting documents, customer and supplier invoices in a few seconds, automate bank reconciliation and fixed assets, generate all financial reporting on demand, and manage your budgets in real time.

Your professional website directly integrated

Odoo Website is changing the way people think about website design. Thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface, you can easily create, manage, and customize your website in a few hours. The layout is simplified thanks to AI, and the site is fully integrated with your sales flows, billing, projects, allowing your customers and beneficiaries to find all their information directly from the site.

Customer/beneficiary relationship management

Follow all your prospections and customer/beneficiary activities with clear data flows, the integration of calendars, the automation of tasks and reminders, the monitoring of objectives, data that is always up to date, 100% integrated and shared with the finance and project teams.

Agile project management

Odoo is the project management software par excellence. Organize tasks and stakeholders, get an overview of your project, and boost team productivity like never before. Odoo is directly integrated with the employee leave module to facilitate resource planning, with timesheets and accounting for monitoring consumed resources and reporting to donors.

Customize your interfaces

With Odoo Studio, all user interfaces are configurable, and it is very easy to add custom fields, no programming knowledge is required. Add fields, create new views, and streamline workflows - with ease.

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Première Urgence Internationale digitizes its purchasing process with Odoo

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Première Urgence Internationale, an NGO that carries out around 200 projects per year and intervenes in support of nearly 7 million people in 24 countries, called on IT4LIFE to modernize its management of international orders. Thanks to the Odoo solution put in place, IT4LIFE precisely met the medical order management needs of Première Urgence Internationale: the NGO was able to streamline its international order management processes, thus strengthening its humanitarian impact around the world.

SOS Drepano: a hospital in Guinea entirely managed under Odoo

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The collaboration between IT4LIFE and the SOS Drepano Hospital in Guinea, supported financially by the Pierre Fabre Foundation, represents a remarkable example of partnership for the improvement of health care in disadvantaged regions. Thanks to this financial support, the Odoo implementation project was able to be carried out, thus offering the hospital the necessary tools to optimize its management and delivery of care.

ACEP Group chooses Odoo for its financial management

ACEP Group uses Odoo in Madagascar and Burkina for all of its financial management: operational accounting, supplier management, asset management, production of reporting and regulatory financial statements.

By being directly integrated with the Musoni banking software, operational and financial data are reliable and consolidated in real time and the production of financial statements has been considerably accelerated.

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Blog & News

Lagazel chooses IT4LIFE and Odoo for the distribution of its solar kits

Lagazel chooses IT4LIFE and Odoo for the distribution of its solar kits.

Hekima Microfinance automates its multi-currency accounting with Odoo

IT4LIFE automates the accounting integration between Musoni and Odoo for Hekima, making it possible to consolidate multi-currency USD and CDF accounting

Plastic Odyssey chooses IT4LIFE to set up Odoo

Plastic Odyssey chooses IT4LIFE for the implementation of Odoo.

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