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Digital is not intangible. The growth of the sector and our digital uses (equipment, data traffic, electronic waste) has strong environmental consequences.

In fact, by 2025, digital technology will be responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions and will consume a fifth of our electricity by 2030.

In order to reduce and limit the environmental impacts of the digital sector, IT4LIFE helps organizations become aware of these challenges and encourages them to implement good practices for a responsible digital approach.

Our services

Responsible CIO

Get support in defining and implementing your responsible digital strategy. We diagnose the maturity of your practices, identify priorities and the road map, then help you set up an action plan for more sustainable digital technology in your organization.

Web eco-design

Is your website designed in a responsible and accessible way? We audit your site in order to identify areas for improvement and optimize its performance and digital impact. Don't you have a site yet? From design to development, we create your website by integrating the principles of eco-design and accessibility to minimize its environmental impact and facilitate its reading.


Does your organization have computer hardware that is no longer functional? IT4LIFE diagnoses your equipment and offers you a repair and reconditioning service.

Awareness raising

Generate awareness of the environmental impact of digital technology among your employees through fun and collaborative activities, such as the Digital Fresque, Digital Cleanup workshops, or other activities designed tailor-made for your organization and your CSR challenges.

Relationship marketing & responsible emailing

We support you in thinking about your email and relational marketing strategy in order to set up efficient and automated processes, while being adapted and responsible.

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Sen Digital Clean Up

In collaboration and with the support of the French Embassy in Senegal, IT4LIFE launched the Sen Digital Clean Up project with the ambition of disseminating the responsible digital approach to the general public in Senegal through the organization of collective and free workshops to raise awareness and:

  • Promote the extension of the life of equipment,
  • Reduce the footprint of the use of digital equipment,
  • Reduce the volume of electrical and electronic equipment waste,
  • Encourage formal recycling.

Find the details of the project and its free resources <a href="" style="color: #ff6b00;">by clicking here.</a>

Between September 2023 and February 2024, 18 free and general public workshops are organized across Senegal to raise awareness about reducing the environmental footprint of digital equipment and uses:

  • 6 “Digital Fresco” workshops
  • 6 “Digital Cleanup Reuse/Recycling” workshops
  • 6 “Digital Cleanup Data” workshops

The operation is being built in partnership with Polaris Asso, Consortium Jeunesse Senegal, Consortium Jeunesse Senegal, Simplon Senegal, Simplon Senegal, SetTIC, Digital Cleanup Day - France, La Fresque du Climat, La Fresque du Climat, the Zero Waste Senegal Association, the Senegal Zero Waste Association, Simplon Senegal, Simplon Senegal, Senegal, France and Digital Senegal.

PFONGUE: Responsible Digital Training

As part of the PRA-TIC project, which aims to support the digital transformation of NGOs in Senegal and to strengthen their skills in these aspects, IT4LIFE offers a training course dedicated to Responsible Digital Technology. The aim of the training is to provide the foundations of the responsible digital approach for the participating organizations.

The aim of the training is to provide the foundations of the responsible digital approach for the participating organizations:

  • Understanding the environmental challenges of digital activities
  • Mastering the best practices of responsible digital technology
  • Know and use the available responsible digital tools
  • Learn to implement the first operational actions

This training is divided into 3 parts:

  • Understand - Digital environmental challenges
  • Measuring - Diagnosis of responsible digital practices
  • Act - First-level tools and actions for the responsible digital approach

Bioforce: Reconditioning

IT4LIFE offers organizations the opportunity to give a second life to their dormant digital equipment (defective, non-functional, unused), rather than buying new.

A training organization specialized in humanitarian professions, Bioforce Senegal has welcomed hundreds of students each year since 2017. Many courses take place in the computer room. Over the years, as technology evolves, the institute has renewed its computer park, thus generating a stock of unused machines gathering dust. After diagnosing 10 machines, our expert was able to make the necessary changes to optimize the operation of each computer.

“Gérard proposed to increase the RAM of computers, to switch to SSD hard drives and to install new software. We opted for this solution, which he took care of. Thanks to him, these computers have a second life. They even work better than newer generation computers!”

Donald Codjia, Head of Support Functions at Bioforce

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