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IT4LIFE supports your financial institution throughout the digital transformation value chain. We intervene at the early stages in diagnosis and advice, in the integration and implementation of solutions, as well as in maintenance and support. You thus benefit from a trusted partner who accompanies you over the long term and the growth of your institution.

<a href="" style="color: #FAC948;">We regularly work in consortium with consulting firms such as <a href="" style="color: #FAC948;">Amarante Consulting</a>, or on behalf of investment funds such as <a href="" style="color: #FAC948;">ADA</a>, the <a href="" style="color: #FAC948;">Grameen Credit Agricole Foundation, REGMIFA, SIDI</a><a href="" style="color: #FAC948;">...</a></a>

Our services

Digital transformation

We support you in diagnosing the digital maturity of your institution, in the organizational audit of your innovation and technology department, in supporting your IT department, in redesigning your master plan, and in conducting tenders for the selection of software.

Core-Banking implementation

We are the French-speaking partner of the Musoni microfinance software. We support you in setting up the software, in the migration of your data, in the evolution of your operational processes and in the digitalization of data collection in the field, in order to allow you to make the best use of all the power of Musoni.

Data strategy

We support you in your data strategy and data governance. Depending on your needs, we deploy ETL integration tools (n8n, Talend, Google CloudFunction), data storage solutions (datalake, datawarehouse) on Google Cloud Platform, and visualization (Looker Studio, PowerBI, PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase, Datawarehouse) solutions on Google Cloud Platform, and visualization (Looker Studio, PowerBI, PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase, Datawarehouse) solutions (Looker Studio, PowerBI, PowerBI, Tableau, Metabase, Datawarehouse) on Google Cloud Platform, and visualization (Looker Studio, PowerBI, PowerBI, Tableau

API integrations

We offer our API as a Service integration platform, which allows us to interact with all types of third-party systems. Our customers are integrated with Mobile Money (Orange Money, Moov, Mvola), Agency Banking (Mvola), Scoring (Rubyx), data collection (Juakali), notification platforms (Twilio, Onesignal, Sendgrid, Mvola), and Finance/Accounting ERP (Odoo, Sage, Pastel) services (Twilio, Onesignal, Sendgrid, Mvola), Agency Banking (Mvola), Agency Banking (Mvola), Agency Banking (Mvola), Scoring (Rubyx), data collection (Juakali), notification platforms (Twilio, Onesignal, Sendgrid, Mvola), and Finance/Accounting ERP (Odoo, Sage, Pastel)

Workflow automation

We automate recurring tasks in your core banking or your third-party tools: sending notifications to customers, creating tasks for field agents or back-office staff, calculating customer scoring, verifying ID numbers, verifying ID numbers, verifying phone numbers, verifying telephone by OTP code, verifying telephone by OTP code, downgrading accounting and provisioning, verifying credit file information...

Web and mobile client application

We offer a web portal and a mobile customer application on Musoni, allowing your customers to consult their transactions and balances of savings and credit accounts, to interact with their commercial agent and transmit documents, to follow the evolution of their requests, as well as to make transactions between customers and via third-party mobile money services.

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ACEP Group chooses IT4LIFE and Musoni

According to the managing director from ACEP Madagascar, Mr. Mahefa Randriamiarisoa, the institution's decision to partner with IT4LIFE and Musoni was motivated by the need to improve its operations and provide better services to its customers. “We believe that technology is a critical driver of financial inclusion, and the adoption of Musoni will allow us to provide better and more efficient services to our customers,” he said. Thanks to this platform, we will be in a position to improve our loan disbursement process, reduce costs and offer financial products that are better suited to our customers.

IT4LIFE has been supporting ACEP institutions in Burkina, Madagascar, Cameroon and Niger since 2018. IT4LIFE and Amarante Consulting supported ACEP Group in the definition of its digital strategy, the design of the application architecture, as well as the selection of most software. As of 2020, IT4LIFE deploys a full-SaaS architecture for ACEP Madagascar, with a WSO2 API integration platform, a Google BigQuery Data Lake, a data visualization portal and a mobile application (Glide). In 2023, IT4LIFE deploys Musoni for ACEP Madagascar and ACEP Burkina, and sets up the n8n Integration platform, allowing integration in a few weeks with more than 10 third-party services including Orange Money, Moov, Mvola, Mvola, Mvola, Mvola, Iboinia, Iboinia, Odoo, Rubyx, LeTexto...

IT4LIFE chooses n8n as integration platform

After a study of more than 25 integration platforms as a service (iPaaS), we chose to work with for our automations and integrations with third-party services. n8n seduced us for its Open Source side, its resolutely innovative approach in the design of no-code workflows but allowing you to integrate your own Java and Python scripts, the speed of evolution of the product, the speed of evolution of the product, the wide scalability, the possibility of being hosted full-SaaS at the publisher or self-hosted for specific cases of data volume or confidentiality. has enabled our customers (and ourselves!) to gain hundreds of hours of productivity, to have better control of their operational flows thanks to automations and alerts, to benefit from a 100% secure service, and very good traceability. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on the use cases we have implemented with n8n.

Bubble + Looker Studio for data visualization

We have been offering the Google solution for years Looker Studio among our data visualization tools. We have developed a user portal under making it possible to finely manage the right level of access to data according to user profiles, as well as to facilitate navigation between the various dashboards of an institution. Contact us for more information!

Looker Studio allows you to design dashboards intuitively and quickly to use. While having the advantage of being free to use. With the Bubble + Looker Studio combo, we offer you a new integrated Data-As-A-Service service that is quick to implement and economical, allowing you to easily create, manage and publish your dashboards by simplifying user management.

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Blog & News

A mobile client application for ACEP Burkina

IT4LIFE and La Bastide are developing a client mobile application based on Musoni and Bubble for ACEP Burkina.

Hekima Microfinance chooses Odoo for its multi-currency accounting

IT4LIFE automates the accounting integration between Musoni and Odoo for Hekima, making it possible to consolidate multi-currency USD and CDF accounting. Thanks to the connector developed specifically, accounting and financial statements are available in real time.

IT4LIFE supports Vahatra Microfinance in setting up Musoni

In 2024, IT4LIFE supported Vahatra Microfinance in setting up Musoni. Vahatra thus becomes the seventh microfinance client of IT4LIFE and the second user of Musoni in Madagascar.

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