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Digital is not intangible. The growth of the sector and our digital uses (equipment, data traffic, electronic waste) has strong environmental consequences.

In fact, by 2025, digital technology will be responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions and will consume a fifth of our electricity by 2030.

In order to reduce and limit the environmental impacts of the digital sector, IT4LIFE helps organizations become aware of these challenges and encourages them to implement good practices for a responsible digital approach.

Our services

Data strategy

We support you in defining your data strategy: audit and diagnosis of the existing situation, advice, definition of standards, implementation of data governance, implementation roadmap, training.

Data architecture

We support you in the architecture of your data: selection of applications for data collection, storage, visualization and analysis, selection of the hosting model (Infrastructure as a Service, platform as a Service, Software as a Service), definition of security standards and data availability

Data collection

Web form, dedicated web or mobile application, WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger... Whatever the channel chosen, we support you in the selection and implementation of your data collection tools. In particular, we work with CommCare, DHIS2, ODK, ODK, Juakali, Juakali, Tally, Google Forms, SurveyMonkey and are also in a position to set up dedicated applications for you on Webflow, Bubble, SoftR, or Glide.

Data integration

Depending on your context and your needs, we perform ETL (extract, Transform, Load) or ELT data integrations via specialized tools such as n8n, Make or Talend, directly on GCP with CloudFunction, or via Python or R scripts.

Data visualization

Give visibility to the management of your institution and your projects thanks to dashboards for monitoring your objectives and performance indicators. Available according to your preferences on Looker Studio, PowerBI, PowerBI, Tableau, Klipfolio, Metabase or DHIS2 or Superset

Automating reporting

Simplify the production and distribution of your operational statements, financial statements, regulatory reporting and donor reporting by entrusting us with the automation of them. We can make them available in your business and ERP solutions (Odoo...), in Excel (ODBC, Power Pivot), or directly formatted in PDF ready for distribution.

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CommCare hosting for GRET

The GRET needed to have a dedicated CommCare instance to manage its various programs. IT4LIFE offered PaaS hosting on Google Cloud Platform with a high level of availability, continuous monitoring of services and the maintenance of applications up to date.
The CommCare instance is integrated with Google BigQuery to separate transaction and analytics dimensions and to take advantage of BigQuery's real-time computing power for advanced analytics.

Thanks to the architecture deployed by IT4LIFE, GRET is in a position to create and deploy new applications on CommCare and to scale them in a short time, without having to worry about the number of projects deployed, the underlying infrastructure and the number of users.

A new Dataviz portal for ACEP Group

ACEP Group uses Looker Studio for the production of its performance management dashboards. IT4LIFE has developed a Bubble web application to centralize all visualizations and to finely manage the access rights of the various users.

Thanks to the tool, it is now possible to finely administer the access management of more than 200 employees, allowing them to easily have the right information in the right place as soon as necessary.

A WhatsApp Chatbot in the face of epidemics

IT4LIFE supports the STOP SPILLOVER project by AFROHUN and USAID in Côte d'Ivoire with the provision of a WhatsApp Chatbot. Coupled with OpenAI, this solution makes it possible both to inform users about the epidemiological risks related to their activities and the best practices to adopt, and to collect the information necessary for the detection of epidemiological crises.

Tools used: WhatsApp, VoiceFlow, ManyChat, n8n, ChatGPT

We were able to deploy this Chatbot in an agile way in a few weeks with supervised learning facilitated by OpenAI GPTs. Continuous improvement loops are then carried out based on the analysis of the answers provided during WhatsApp interactions.

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Blog & News

IT4LIFE supports the University of Corsica with Kobo Toolbox and PowerBI

To allow the epidemiological study to be carried out, IT4LIFE chose to use KoboToolbox for mobile data collection, coupled with PowerBI for the analysis of cohort data.

50 NGOs trained in data strategy in Senegal

As part of the PRA-TIC project initiated by IT4LIFE and PFONGUE in Senegal, around fifty members of local and international NGOs have benefited from data strategy training.

Scoring directly in Musoni

IT4LIFE has developed an n8n module to automate the behavior of closed loans and to consolidate this information directly into Musoni's customer file, so that it can be integrated into new credit applications.

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