CRM and beneficiary and donor relationships

Interact, animate and engage my ecosystem

Alima is boosting its management of donor relationships with Odoo.

IT4LIFE has developed a tailor-made module for monitoring donor engagement and automating tax receipts

A new donor CRM for Village Pilote

The mission of Village Pilote in Senegal is to stem the problem of street children. IT4LIFE supported the project with the deployment of a donor CRM linked in real time to the association's donation collection platform.

Odoo accounting and CRM Donors for Solthis

Therapeutic solidarity and health initiatives (Solthis) is an international solidarity NGO whose objective is to improve prevention and access to quality care by strengthening health systems and services in the countries where it operates.

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A personalized Donor CRM for Village Pilote

To support Village Pilote, we have developed a personalized donor CRM using the open-source Odoo platform. Discover the behind the scenes of the project.

Plastic Odyssey chooses IT4LIFE to set up Odoo

Plastic Odyssey chooses IT4LIFE for the implementation of Odoo.

A mobile client application for ACEP Burkina

IT4LIFE and La Bastide are developing a client mobile application based on Musoni and Bubble for ACEP Burkina.

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