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A WhatsApp Chatbot in the face of epidemics

IT4LIFE supports the STOP SPILLOVER project by AFROHUN and USAID in Côte d'Ivoire with the provision of a WhatsApp Chatbot. Coupled with OpenAI, this solution makes it possible both to inform users about the epidemiological risks related to their activities and the best practices to adopt, and to collect the information necessary for the detection of epidemiological crises.

Tools used: WhatsApp, VoiceFlow, ManyChat, n8n, ChatGPT

A dynamic website for S.O.S Do - Guinea

In order to highlight the mission of S.O.S Drepano - Guinea to fight sickle cell anemia, we supported them in the design of a website under Webflow. Webflow allowed us to quickly design an interactive and informative site, offering a solid platform for our awareness and engagement initiatives.

WeerWi - Living your Female Cycle

WeerWi is a mobile application dedicated to women, offering a rewarding experience to track and understand their menstrual cycle. With intuitive and informative features, WeerWi allows users to deeply explore the nuances of their female physiology.

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