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Pass on the baton to us, we accompany and advise you on the following:

Cloud, blockchain, SEO, e-health, m-health, responsive design, ERP, QR code, data collection, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile money, hacking, PRA, virtualisation, SSL, JAVA, Python, VPN on demand, data analyst, SQL, encryption, RGPD, e-learning … so many terms and essential solutions today that can take you away from your core business instead of making your life easier.

ERP Software package

Complete, partial or adapted management solution for cost accounting, timesheets, CRM, collection of donations, human resources, supply, project management ... and the interaction of all these solutions between each other.

Odoo ERP

Odoo’s open source model leveraged thousands of developers and market experts regarding software manufacturing within a few years.

With solid technical foundations, Odoo’s structure is unique. It provides exceptional usability that is found in all applications.

Improvement in terms of Odoo’s usability are automatically applied to all applications. In this way, Odoo evolves faster than any other solution.

Thanks to its modularity and its simplicity of development, the Odoo ERP makes it possible to answer all the questions of associations and NGOs (Management of donations and receipts, members, donors, accounting reconciliation, project management, inventory management, planning…)

Collaboration tools

Implementation of collaboration tools and support of your digital transformation thanks to reliable, secure tools that meet all the current standards (RGPD, HIPPAA …)

G Suite

Give your team all the tools they need to collaborate, advance and innovate in real time, wherever they are, with Google cloud-based productivity suite.

Keep in touch with volunteers, supporters, and the community thanks to a custom domain that has an unlimited number of Gmail email addresses.

Keep everyone informed in real time with Google Docs: creating and editing grant proposals, meeting agendas, and more.
With 30 GB of storage per user on Gmail and Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides can be accessed anywhere, anytime
Use Google Calendar to organize your schedule and not miss any appointments.
Make sure everyone stays in touch with video conference calls with up to 25 participants.

Data collection and analysis


DHIS 2 is a health management information system that helps governments and health organizations to manage more efficiently their operations and monitoring processes as well as improve stakeholder communication.

DHIS 2 is a software package based on free softwares and an open source database. It simplifies the collection, analysis, validation and presentation of global (statistical) data, tailored to integrated health information management activities. DHIS 2 offers a wide range of solutions based on HTML5, SMS and Java and now has a tracker allowing the individual follow-up of patients.

With DHIS 2, you can capture data on any type of device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones and standard phones. Most working solutions are accessible offline, which allows a better reach in places with bad connection.

DHIS 2 is used in 60 countries around the world, including many developing countries in Africa and Asia. DHIS 2 is developed by the Health Information Systems Program (HISP) as an open and globally distributed process with developers in India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Tajikistan, Ireland, and Norway.


Hosting solutions, secure cloud infrastructure, web and mobile application development, evolution towards Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud Platform is an offer adapted to all sectors and all sizes of companies. Whether you are a start-up with 3 employees or a company with more than 4,000 employees, Google adapts to your needs and expectations.

Google gives you its computing power – It is known, Google has had for years an unparalleled expertise in terms of processing and data search. Thanks to GCP, you can also benefit from this computing power, while having a dedicated and secure environment.

Stay safe in the cloud – Google Cloud Platform makes it a priority to secure your data stored on its platform. GCP tools are certified and regularly audited to reach the main global standards (Privacy Shield, European Data Protection,…).

Google Cloud Platform allows you not to worry about capacity, performance, and reliability so you can focus on coding.

Google Cloud Platform is composed of several services which are totally integrated, secure, based on the infrastructures of Google and accessible in web services.

The flexibility is reflected in the range of offers starting from IaaS (virtual machine) to PaaS (development platform) through Big data, network optimisation and related services like hosted databases … You’ll be able to work with these elements to create scalable, distributed, redundant and optimised systems.

In addition, Google Cloud platform offers “turnkey” services (APIs) using the power of machine learning that will allow you to take advantage of the computing power of Google.

Outsourcing of the Information System

For the price of an IT director we provide you with a complete Information System! Our offer is to be a trusted third-party and an ally in decision-making, who ensures that your choices and strategic orientations are addressed correctly and efficiently. The field of new technologies is wide and evolving. A computer scientist remains competent because he/she evolves in several different universes, it can therefore be risky to internalise these skills.