IS outsourcing / Cloud 

Google Cloud Platform, Azure, AWS …

Network & Security Administration

Dedicated hotline, outsourcing …

ERP software packages

Odoo, Bahmni …

Data collection and analysis

DHIS2, Kobo Toolbox, Mangologic …

Collaborative tools

GSuite, Office 365 …

Specific web and mobile development

A digital development social enterprise

IT4LIFE allows NGOs, associations and social enterprises to benefit from the highest quality digital services at the lowest possible cost with solutions specifically adapted to their needs.

Thanks to our network of partners, we are able to work in several different countries and service remote areas. We work mainly in French-speaking Africa and France.

Our ambition

Become an Digital Service Company for NGOs, Associations and Social enterprises and move towards Digital Permaculture

Being able to cover the major aspects of your needs, in terms of organisation, advice, data analysis, maintenance and training

Simplify your life so you can focus on your work

Being the missing link between tools and those who have to use them

Agree on standards

Towards a South-North collaboration!


We must improve the quality of service rather than multiplying the tools

Our clients can not afford to or cannot benefit from or integrate all the necessary technological expertise

Beyond offering technological solutions, we must maintain them

Our values

As we work with NGOs, associations and social enterprises, man is at the heart of our concerns. People are at the heart of our approach.


Every human being, regardless of their origin, culture, religion, social background and hierarchical rank, has duties of respect towards the other. This is a fundamental element of our conception of success.

Beyond an attitude of listening and openness, respecting the others also means keeping its commitments with them in the long term, whether they are collaborators or external partners.

That also means respecting our environment.


Our goal is to simplify the use of new technologies and this process of adaptation is a long-term job. In order to work with trust, we must be loyal towards:

Our partners
Our associates and colleagues
And especially our customers


“Knowledge is only valid if it is shared by all”

We strive as far as possible to offer open source solutions.

We will never seek to be indispensable.

Our projects

All countries of intervention (Africa and France)

Deployment of DHIS 2 and Kobo Toolbox softwares for medical data collection

Setup of Google Suite collaborative work tools

Implementation of Odoo ERP software (CRM for donors, project management, supply chain...)

IT support and advice at headquarters (Senegal) and on the fields, infrastructure maintenance (cabling, WI-FI network, VSAT internet solutions on the fields...)


Implementation of Odoo ERP software (accounting)

Cameroon, Senegal

Implementation of Odoo ERP software (basic CRM module, mobile application, geolocation) for all stakeholders (head office, sales representatives, health centers, pharmacies, medical staff)


Development of a specific Odoo module to manage the accommodation of migrants

Support for the purchase and deployment of new computers

France, Senegal

Implementation of Odoo ERP software (accounting, CRM for donors)
IT support and advice, cabling of the Senegal office and commissioning of internet connections


Recast and improvement of the WI-FI network, implementation and configuration of security policies


Recast and improvement of the WI-FI network, implementation and configuration of security policies

France, Senegal, Spain, Switzerland

IT support and advice, cabling of the Senegal regional office and implementation of internet connections, IT support during events (Pediatric Days...)

Our partners









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